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    This week our Wesselman winch was stolen from Fenix Paragliding Club in sweden.
    You can see what the winch looks like in a couple of pictures on this page:
    The winch was mounted on a trailer with license plate: HPU 907
    As this well known winch would be virtually impossible to sell to a club in Sweden it may have left our country and could turn up in any neighbouring country.
    Two Suzuki All Terrain Vehicles marked “Fenix” on frame and engine were also stolen.
    If you have been offered to buy the stolen goods or have seen it, please contact Fenix Paragliding Club by email:

    Fly safely!
    Best Regards and greetings from sweden!
    Hans Eklund


    We are very happy to announce that our winch is back again after a weeks disappearance. It was returned to us by the police today.
    Thank you anyway!
    Best regards,
    Hans Eklund,
    Fenix Paragliding Club, Stockholm

Rodomi 2 įrašai - nuo 1 iki 2 (viso: 2)
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