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    I would like to sell my harness. Used aproximately 1 year.

    Manufacturer: SKY paragliders
    Model name: REVEL
    Size: M (medium)
    Collor: red

    Price: LVL 180,- or EUR 257,-

    For more information please contact me via:
    Cell phone: +371 29194993 (Latvia)
    e-mail: heerakls@yahoo.com

    Harness pictures You can find there: http://www.sky-cz.com/new/index.php?level1=76&level2=159&lang=eng&specifikace=galerie

    Other REVEL hârnesi:
    Materials used

    Strap system: Mouka Tišnov, s.r.o. (ISO 9001:2001 holder), Czech Republic
    The resistance, tearing strength and prolongations should have the major say in the decision for the core materials (polypropylene, polyester, dyneema, Kevlar). But during the development also the feeling and the touch of the materials were emphasized. Therefore we have cooperated in the special strap development and we provide very special soft straps for the harness.
    Cloth: Cordura, Italy, France
    Cordura – the high quality material of nylon DuPont yarn is at the moment considered as pretty standard. For the manufacturing of the harness we have been using the special coating for the cordura cloth so that we increase the resistance of the material against dust and scratches when used heavily.
    Buckles and carbines: SUP AIR Safety system, France
    The legend of the harness production supplied all the necessary buckles for REVEL.
    Pulleys: Riley, Australia
    The tiny things matter as well! We also have been active pilots and we know that the tiny trouble on the tiny pieces of your equipment can make your flying days a nightmare. Therefore the decision was to ask for supplies from the traditional and highly reputed manufacturer.

    Revel harness manual:



    Dorogovato miels brali…

Rodomi 2 įrašai - nuo 1 iki 2 (viso: 2)
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