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    Sometimes I receive messages from pilots all over the word and they are asking for possibilities to fly in Lithuania, our sites and other free-flying related questions. Please use only english language in this forum to help better communicate with all folks interested in flying here!


    Labas Diena!
    I am planning 2 or 3 weeks vacations in September in Lithuania.
    I will spend quite some time in the Nida region.
    I heard that there is restrictions for launching on the biggest dunes.
    What kind of flying can expect there where it is legal?
    Does it worth bringing my glider?
    I am a certified Instructor and tandem pilot in Canada, could I fly legally in Nida with my wife? Could I fly legally with any other passenger?
    Can a tandem flight be interesting for the passenger on those dunes?
    Is there other ridge soaring in lithuania other than Nida nad the neringa peninsula?

    I’m eager to hear from you!



    Other question…
    I heard that there is nice ridge soaring in Latvia.
    Do you have informations about this place too?

Rodomi 3 įrašai - nuo 1 iki 3 (viso: 3)
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