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    Super Fly Team Pilots are tearing up the skies in Zapata Texas.

    On June 20th Team Pilot Dave Prentice flew 240 miles/386 Kilometers to set a new unofficial world distance record. Dave got on tow late in the morning and landed 45 minutes earlier than he needed to. If he had been in the air the extra 1.5 to 2 hours he thinks 300 miles was possible. David was flying an Ozone Proton GT Small.

    June 21 – Listening to David’s words of advice, team pilot Will Gadd got on tow early the next day. Actually Dave Prentice returned from his XC flight at 5:30 AM and towed Will up as soon as it looked good. Talk about team work and
    sportsmanship! Unfortunately Dave’s record stood for less than 24 hours as Will Gadd flew 263 miles/423 Kilometers to set yet another world distance record. Will was flying a Gin Gliders Boomerang Medium.

    Congratulations guys! I’m sure we will hear more from Zapata before the month is over.

    Currently, these records are “Unofficial” until the FAI paperwork is submitted and accepted, which will be no problem.

    Team Super Fly

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