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    We are proud to present, the world’s first lightweight tandem with LTF-A certification.

    The ASTERION Light Tourismo brings the cumulative A-class know-how from U-Turn to the tandem class for the first time ever and it still provides a high speed. The ASTERION LT is aimed at pilots who want to go on twosome adventures without extra ballast. Thereby the flexible two-seater offers countless areas of application with high performance potential and many safety reserves. From the perfect family-wing to the uncompromising companion for demanding alpine undertakings in travels in twos, the simple tandem delivers what it promises. Sportive handling meets exceptionally sweet-tempered flight behavior packed into minimum pack-size. Share your adventure moments with the world’s first light-tandem with LTF-A certification.

    The ASTERION LT is available as of now and offers a flexible weight range from 120 up to 180 kgs.


Rodomas 1 įrašas (viso: 1)
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